5 Principles of Happy Breath 60.0

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Happy Breath 60.0 – theoretically, a simple breathing technique – is an effective and practical tool for emotional cleansing and stress management. This technique was founded by American born spiritual leader Leonard Orr.

Following are the five principles of Happy Breath 60.0:

 1)    Breathing

Circular conscious breathing is a first step in the process. This is the actual breathing, which involves pulling breath high into your lungs and then dropping the exhale naturally, not forcefully or by holding it. This style of breathing might feel awkward initially, but the body acclimates to it pretty easily with practice.

2)    Awareness

The second principle of Happy Breath 60.0 simply involves being aware of what you feel and think. It involves acting as an observer of your feelings and thoughts. It requires a kind of detachment and also comes with practice. The idea is to relax in the face of discomfort in order to dissolve or eliminate stress.

 3)    Acceptance

The third principle is to learn to accept what surfaces as a part of our being, without  judgment. Acceptance is an intrinsic nature of our being. The idea is to refrain from suppressing or resisting anything about ourselves.

 4)    Relaxation

Once we learn to accept in the third stage of Happy Breath 60.0, relaxation follows. This experience is a unique one and more often than not, you feel something that you may never have felt consciously before. Relaxation happens when we cease to run away from, or resist our feelings and thoughts.

5)    Integration

Integration marks the culmination of the Happy Breath 60.0 process. The result of this integration is the elimination of tension and uncomfortable feelings. It involves harmonizing our thoughts with our feelings, establishing peace with our being and consciously enhancing self-esteem.

Happy Breath 60.0 effects are cumulative; the more you practice, the longer you experience relaxation and the closer you get towards everlasting happiness.

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