5 Reasons Yoga Will Change Your Life

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Are you one of the 80 million Americans that practice yoga? Maybe you’ve attended a class or two but haven’t gotten yourself into a regular routine. If you feel like you’re unsure about if yoga is right for you, consider these five reasons that yoga will benefit more than your body.

  • Brighten your outlook on life – According to a study by Boston University School of Medicine, an hour of yoga once a day raises the body’s level of GABA (low levels of GABA are associated with depression). Use this calming routine to naturally boost your mood.
  • Rest easier at night – Doing the right poses before bed has been linked to falling asleep faster and sleeping soundly longer. Calming poses allow you to shut off the constant racing thoughts in your mind, making it easier for you to sleep without stress.
  • Boost your confidence – Yoga is great if you’re looking for help in weight loss; but it’s even better at making you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. According to a survey by the University of California in Berkeley, women who regularly practiced yoga rated their body satisfaction 20% higher than women who utilized aerobics.
  • Clean your body – Yoga is known for stimulating your lymphatic system, cleansing your blood of toxic materials. While practicing yoga and deep breathing, your body releases endorphins that boost your mood and act as natural painkillers for everyday aches and pains.
  • Increase your self-awareness – While fine-tuning your body is all fine and dandy, fine-tuning your mind is one benefit of yoga that most aerobic exercises aren’t able to offer. While utilizing circular breathing and meditation, yoga allows you to work your body and calm your mind. With your head on the right track, use your hour of asanas to gain clarity of vision and leave your practice ready to make it a reality.

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