Roberto Suarez
Om Meditacion USA Founder & Visionary


I have spent more than 50 years chasing happiness, coaching and mentoring clients and exploring my own spirituality (with powerful teachers) and the quest for happiness via various spiritual practices and transformational courses.

In the 90’s I became aware that to be happy and free I had to give up being right, justifying and being in control. This opened me up to the possibility of returning to my homeland Cuba, in 2002, after 42 years of living in the USA.

In that first visit, I met Celita, my cousin and her family (on my father’s side) that I didn’t know existed.  Celita’s father and my father were Revolutionaries on opposite sides. Celita and I are now “Evolutionaries” on the same side. We both love Yoga, Spirituality, Freedom, Love and Respect.

In the last 15 years Celita opened the doors for me to offer Circular Breathing to family and friends who were exploring how to elevate their consciousness and well being in Cuba. In that journey, I met doctors, neuroscientists, artists, lawyers, producers, singers, priests and yogis with hearts that are open and filled with love and light.  To date, I have introduced more than 1000 Americans and Cubans to this practice of merging our breath with the divine energy within.

In 2016, I met Juan Davila, the founder of Om Meditacion Cuba, a community of spiritual practitioners who welcomed the integration of USA and Cuba in One Spirit, One Yoga, One Breath.

El Happy Coach Foundation in conjunction with Om Meditacion Cuba and Om Meditacion USA was created to deliver Happiness through Spiritual Practices, such as Circular Breathing and Yoga, in Cuba. We delivered our first USA/Cuba Experience in December 16-18, 2016..




Roberto Suarez

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