Breathe Happy, Live Happy

You are in the right space at the right time. 

I believe that by Rejuvenating the power of the body, mind and spirit you can free your full potential. Also, by Meditating and Breathing consciously daily you will uplift your peak performance and well-being.

My Breathplay training (with original American Yogis such as Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and Dan Brule) and 35-year experience coaching/managing clients allows me to work with you in a close and personal basis.

I will create the space for you to Shift your Reality by connecting to Your Inner Power, through any of my programs or techniques.

Over the last 5 years I have introduced Conscious Circular Breathing to more than 1500 Cubans (in Cuba) through OM Meditacion Cuba, a community of spiritual practitioners who welcomed the integration of USA and Cuba in One Spirit, One Yoga, One Breath.

In various senior management roles over 35 years, I implemented strategic plans for companies in the US and Latin America. I was a Life & Business Coach and founder of Mind to Heart Institute. President, International Coach Federation, Miami Area Chapter. Chairman, National Executive Service Corp, Miami Affiliate and led Being Champion programs.

During this time, I experienced transformation and meditation training at various South Florida organizations and was certified as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher (RYS 200), SD Business Mastery Trainer and Introduction Leader at Landmark Education. I began my meditation practice at Siddha Yoga and Open Tai Chi Miami Centers.

I left Cuba in 1960, when I was 8-yrs old with seven brothers and sisters. The tribe grew to twelve. I loved sports. At Christopher Columbus HS, I received All City honors in football, basketball and baseball. I graduated from Rutgers University where I received All American honors in 150lbs Football and went on to Wake Forest University where I got my MBA.

I still love to play golf, practice Tai’ Chi and Yoga.

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Deliver Happiness by creating space for Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Shift their Realities through Life & Breath Mastery Coaching.


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“el Happy Breath is a powerful healing tool because it treats the mind and the body together.”

Gabby Pellici

Holistic Doctor & Coach

“The circular conscious breathing technique that I experienced In the Breath of Happiness ceremony has helped me to scrape off the rust and begin to connect again.” 

Denis Renuart

Business Owner

“In one-hour Breathwork experience with el Happy Coach I was free of all my stress.”

Michelle Canseco

Training Maven of Motivation