Are these Mental Golf Mistakes Bringing Your Game Down?

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Golf is one sport that has deep connections with the player’s psyche, unlike most other sports, where performance is linked to the player’s physique and stamina. Hence, while playing golf, it is extremely important to observe your mind in order to play an awesome game. And so, mental golf mistakes can bring your game down.

In my years of coaching friends and clients, I have observed these most common mental golf mistakes that players make.

  1. Thoughts About Your Swing or Swing Analysis

Remember that any thought related to your swing on the course can lead to a poor score. Relax; trust what you already have rather than trying to force or correcting a movement or while swinging.

  1. Not Being Confident Enough

Simply have faith in your ability as a golfer. Refrain from trying to control your stance or body movements consciously. Exactly like in driving, letting loose and trusting yourself works better at Golf too. Identify your flow in Golf. I will help you.

  1. Thinking About Your Score

It’s best to forget about your score unless it is strategically inevitable for you to know it; during the final holes of a tournament for instance. Caring about your overall performance and judging it continually will only lead to performance lower than your true potential.

  1. Hiring A Caddy

Learn to talk to yourself positively, in a way that motivates you enough. Enlist phrases that you would love to hear before and after your shot. Being your own caddy is the best thing you can do to enhance your confidence and release tension.

  1. Forgetting That Golf Is Just A Game

It’s just another game; and being harsh on yourself only lowers your self-esteem and confidence.

  1. Being Stressed Just Before Your Shot

If you let the pressure get to you before your shot, the outcome is never good. The solution to this problem is to employ techniques like Standing Meditation and the 20 Happy Breath technique to help you relax before the shot.

I am Roberto, el Happy Coach and avid golfer. My Golf Coaching Programs focus on enhancing your focus and concentration, crucial for the game. With the help of Breath Mastery and other techniques, I will help you avoid the most common mental golf mistakes. Contact me today for your 30-Minutes Free Session.