Are You an Ego Maniac?

Have you ever noticed the Ego playing with you?

Yes, I have seen mine and others ego dismantle business deals, families, relationships and countries because “it” wanted to be right. justified and in control. Are you an Ego maniac?

Or simply, do you take responsibility for what shows up in your life or do you walk around being a victim?  Blaming others, making up excuses or being in denial. Being a victim keeps you in a losing mode. How do you know if you are in a losing mode? Check out your relationships, your communication with others, perhaps your lack of self-expression, affinity with others and your energy.

I see the ego at is best in business. Its a game that everyone takes seriously. Strategies, actions, money, wealth and power. The ego loves to win and hates to lose (at least mine). One of my coaches in the past created a model with 3 possibilities in each game.

  1. I win you Lose or I lose you Win
  2. We both Lose
  3. We both Win.

Ego Maniacs love #1 and #2?

Its amazing how often number two (#2) shows up. It happened a few months ago. It seemed that the two sides of a transaction, playing their game opted not to move forward because of how the game was being played. Neither side was willing to be flexible and have a conversation for both sides to Win.

Perhaps they both Won, because they went their own way and manifested transactions based on their beliefs and strategies. As an observer from Mars, i say they both lost because the choices were made on a sign called percentage (%) created by another human being.

What is the Solution to not Being a Victim?

It is not easy to Let Go of the ego and be able to have a conversation that has Everyone Winning. An old soul once told me that the Universe is so vast that everyone in it can be right and win.

My suggestion is simple, Just Breathe. Shift your thoughts and move to a higher thought, where there is a possibility for Everyone to Win.

Practice, practice, practice.  Relax into all the intensity, move through the funnel into bliss. No more victims. Fun, Love, Play.

Wow, a World that Breathes, Connects, Loves and Plays…Everyone Wins…including your Ego.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go.
Inhale everyone wins, Exhale everyone wins.

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