Being Cause in The Matter

Cause in the Matter?

I had not heard the question, are you being cause in the matter? since my last seminar with Landmark Education in 2010.

Back in March, when we started the pandemic retreat, I jumped into a Landmark Conference call. There were 500 participants and one Landmark Forum Leader.  Immediately, I realized how powerful the coaching and conversations are in this worldwide tribe.

My key take away was being the cause in the matter. Taking responsibility for who I’m being and what I say. In addition to what actions I take and not being a victim to the virus.

So I started making choices that were coming at me the next morning

Being Cause in the Matter

Start a creative writing course for 30-days?   Yes
Complete a 14-day course on-line to manifest money without marketing and sales?   Yes
Start BreathPlay courses on-line?   Yes
Begin BreathPlay Podcast?   Yes
Choose a portal for on-line courses?   Yes
Invest in a coach to help my business transition to a digital platform?   Yes
Practice Yoga on my own?   Yes
Walk 2.5 miles everyday?   Yes
Ride my bike every other day?   Yes
Give myself a haircut?   Yes
Create a 21-Breathplay Challenge in Spanish?   Yes
Breathe Consciously 40 Minutes daily (10+10+(10*2))?   Yes
Support others in this transition?   Yes
Re-arrange the space in my apartment?    Yes
Cut expenses?   Yes
Reflex, Relax, Reinvent?   Yes
Inhale everyone is healing, Exhale everyone is healing?   Yes
Inhale money, Exhale money?   Yes
Inhale my angel, Exhale my angel?   yes
Be the cause in the matter?   yes
Be the BreathPlayer in the matter?   yes
Breathe the Breath, Let the Breath breathe me?   yes
Live life, Let life live me?   Yes

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go
Inhale love, Exhale love

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