Being Connected

Are You Connecting?

The more I breathe and connect to my inner world, the more I connect to my outer world. Therefore, I experience being connected with ease.

The more I breathe the more I feel my sensations, pain, emotions, energy and life force. It seems that I connect more to other people, animals, plants, the stars, the moon, the sun and my inner child.

Miracles happen every day. Like this past Easter, at the Pathways courtyard.

Do You Experience Miracles?

Since we could not attend Easter Mass due to the pandemic restrictions, I chose to practice my own Mysore yoga sequence while watching virtual Mass with the Pope.

It was an heart opening experience integrating yoga poses and breathing with spiritual songs in Italian. When I finished the 90-minute session I walked to the kitchen to drink some water. I looked out the window in the courtyard and saw someone was drumming with two unique instruments.

So, I got my phone and ran outside to hear what he was playing. My first thought was to do Tai Chi while he played. As I approached him, I could feel the energy and decided just to be with him and enjoy the moment.

Connecting to a Master

He played for about 10 minutes and all I could feel was the love in the air. When he finished, he introduce himself as Bobby T. That was awesome Bobby, I’m Roberto, better know as el Happy Coach. Nice meeting you hermano Bobby replied.

It was an instant connection and I asked permission to video him in Facebook Live. Absolutely, let’s do it. I will play for you hermano. As he started playing again, I started crying. I did not why, perhaps I was in front of a master.

After completing his second set, he asked if I could take some pictures. Would you like the video also. Pictures will do. They are for my students that I teach locally. Then, he thanks me for coming down and celebrating with him.

Bobby is it your birthday? No, I just received a call that I was inducted to the Hall of Fame of Rock & Roll with the band Weather Report. I could see tears in his eyes and wanted to hug him.

Being Connected

For some reason after my Yoga/Mass experience my spirit led me to experience a celebration with a master musician and loving human being. It made my Easter Sunday.

The next day, Krista, one of my favorite Yoginis in Miami and Breathplay certified coaches emails me the following message. Wow you know Bobby, he is wonderful. He is Blake’s (my son) music teacher.

What a blessing to experience little miracles everyday.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go.
Inhale I’m connected, Exhale I’m connected.

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