Being Fearless

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I Am Fearless?

Today, I walked 3 miles. I was being fearless. I had not walked that far in a few years because my knees were not working and had to replace them last September. So, when I started walking I felt grateful that I could walk without pain or fear that my knees would lock up.

After a mile, I started breathing in patterns reflecting how fast or slow I was walking. The energy started flowing through my heart, belly, legs, knees and feet. It reminded me of my younger days when I could run 5 miles a day early in the morning before work. Then, all of a sudden a thought just popped into my mind, “Don’t push it, take it easy on my new knees.”

My breath contracted and I had to take fuller breaths to get back to my walk through beautiful neighborhoods that I had not explored in Miami for many years. As I walked enjoying the big trees and the sun my monkey mind just went on a mission.

Monkey Mind Making Me Fearful

Oh sh_t, my birth trauma, 23 hours to come out. I started feeling pain of having to come out to a world that was not fun five times before. In China, I was buried alive. In Florida, I died in a battle looking for the Fountain of Youth. As a women, I drank myself to death, because my father did not like my boyfriend.  I died in a fire 850 years ago. And, as an Indian warrior I died in a battle somewhere in South America.

I took a big breath, observed my thoughts and emotions, and snapped my exhale a few times to let it all go. I started being present to my walk again and observing how the ego had played with me for a long time.

At times it helped me win and at times it made me lose. I took another deep breath, relaxed and snapped my exhale. I started feeling fearless and so I picked up my pace. I had no idea how far I had walked. I just kept walking. I felt good, felt powerful and felt peaceful.

Being Fearless

I was now totally present and awake. I started breathing in new intentions and breathing out to all beings the same intentions.

I’m Ascending, you are Ascending
I’m Awake, you are Awake
I’m Powerful, you are Powerful
I’m Flowing, you are Flowing
I’m Healthy, you are Healthy

I’m Walking, You are Walking
I’m Fearless, You are Fearless
I’m Free, You are Free

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