Being Generous

Are you Being Generous?

The last six months I have spent most of my time in my apartment, Why? I had my two knees replaced and the Covid-19 quarantine. In each experience i was supported generously by friends and health/wellness professionals. They were being generous.

Staying home forced me to slow down and take many conscious breaths. I had to start walking again just like a baby. A friend and former client generously re-framed my walking style from walking like an old man to taking baby steps. It shifted my energy and my breathing became fuller.

Has Covid-19 made you more Generous?

The pandemic space has allowed me the time to start writing blogs, practicing my Breathplay 30.0 sequence, and creating training videos and on-line courses.

The intention of these creations is to be of service to any past, present and future clients. I have and will continue offering my Breathplay 30.0 and 60.0 programs for Free through June 2020 and my Happy Coaching program(s) at 50% off.

I’m Being Generous?

Most of my life I was very selfish. It was all about me. Perhaps it had to do with being exiled twice when I was 6 and 8 years old.  I spent most of my life in fear that everything I have will be taken away again.

This fear has blocked receiving love, abundance and generosity form others. The good news is that i have spent a great deal of time breathing, transforming and playing with my ego. And, I had many generous friends and coaches helping me in my spiritual journey. I am now open to receive, but more importantly, I am more open to give.

Yes, I am Being Generous. I trust that you are too.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go.
Inhale I’m generous, Exhale I’m generous.

Just Breathe

El Happy Coach
Any questions, feel free to Contact Me.

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