Being Good Enough

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I Am Good Enough?

I keep asking myself why does my limiting belief “I’m not good enough” gets triggered when I’m in a summit or workshop?

Last week I spent 5-days in a Breathwork Summit listening to successful and professional breath-workers. They shared their experiences, modalities and healing practices for the body, mind and soul. It was an awakening and uplifting experience for me.

As I listened to all the faculty members, a thought would pop into my mind and it would ask me. What is missing that if I had, I would have abundance of new clients and cash flow?

In each session, I would take a deep inhale through the nose and a relaxed exhale through the mouth. It would bring me back to the conversation. At the end of 5-days I realized that I was part of a larger network of angels playing the same game through the same spirit, the Breath.

Yes, I’m Good Enough

What was missing was my connection to spirit. Practicing and coming back to the breath kept bringing me back to my life force. I felt free and good enough to continue my spiritual journey. Cuba will never be the same (see picture). What a gift to help elevate consciousness to support others in healing and creating a new reality for themselves.

I also got certainty that Breathplay is the right tool to master Life, Business, Love and Beyond for me.

Inhale I am Good Enough, exhale I am Good Enough.
Inhale Being Grateful, exhale Being Grateful to my coaches; Dan Brule, Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and Sula de Paula,
Inhale Love, exhale Love to my beautiful, breathworker and cousin, Denise Dobbs, for introducing me to the Rebirthing World.

Inhale Peace, exhale Peace to you.
Inhale Light, exhale Light to you.
Inhale I’m Good Enough, exhale You are Good Enough.

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