Being Healthy

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Are You Healthy?

When is the last time you went to a traditional or holistic doctor, or health professional to check your self out? Are you being healthy?

Now that we are in the pandemic world, you might be experiencing some anxiety every time you look at the scoreboard:  X New Cases   Y New Deaths

You might also hear that smokers and older people with chronic disease or bad immune system are in the high risk category. You get infected with the virus, there is a high probability of dying.

More stress, fear, anxiety and wanting more answers as to what to do. What’s going to happen to me?


I’ve come up with 3-possibilities of what could happen.

1. You get the virus, you are cured and now you are immune to it. Life is Good.

2. You don’t get the virus. And, now what?

3. You get the virus and you die.

And, now What?

I put my attention on #2. Good news. There is a simple formula to enhance your immune system and reduce the possibility of getting sick with the virus. And, if you get it you will fight the virus off quickly.

Being Healthy = Healthier Immune System = 40 Minutes of Conscious Breathing Daily + Consuming 2.5g of Moringa Daily

Just breathing and taking moringa daily could enhance your immune and respiratory systems. These two habits could help you live a longer and happier life.

Yes, master your breath, master your life. You will be able to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, immune and nervous systems.

Moringa (Senyia), has all essential , anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Moringa provides all the nutrition the body needs, 30% plant protein, more energy and healthier heart. Its nourishing, detoxifying and energizing.

Lets’ Breathe

Being healthy is the new normal. Breath + Healthy Immune System = Life

Inhale I’m Healthy, exhale I’m Healthy.

El Happy Coach
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