Being in Action

Are You at Peak Performance?

The performance model is all about actions that you take.  So, if you are in sales, how many sales calls you make?. If you are a basketball player or golf player, how many practice shots you take?  If you are a Breathplayer, how many conscious breaths you take?  Are you at peak performance?

Michael Jordan always remind us about how many shots he missed. We remember all the shots he made to win big games. Lee Trevino, after he made a hole in one in a senior golf tournament, someone yelled was that luck or skill? He laughed and yelled back, you know how many times I have swung the club to make that shot in my life?

What’s Missing?          

Perhaps you are practicing and still not getting the results. So what’s missing. There is a personal development formula that helps us become aware of what’s missing.  Be  Do  Have.

We spend a lot of time changing and fixing the doing (Do) in order to produce certain results (Have). It works some time, but then what? My experience is that in order to take actions that really make a difference, we must be open to transcend who we are being (Be).  By shifting who we are being, then we take action from a different energy or perhaps take action that we have never taken.  These actions will generate positive results and support us in attaining peak performance.

Being in Action

There are many powerful transformational and spiritual programs that could help you be your powerful self. Try them out and feel into which one is best for you. Stepping into a new paradigm, possibility, and inner power will allow you to take actions from certainty rather than fear.  This will result in you fulfilling your intentions and expectations. Just like Michael Jordan and Lee Trevino.

Remember the formula.   Be  Do  Have  and now add  Breathe. The Breath can guide you to Success in Life, Business, Love, Sports and Beyond.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go.
Inhale I’m in action, Exhale I’m in action.

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