Being in Flow

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Are you Resisting?

What is the first reaction when someone makes a request of you? Personally, since I learned to say no, I’ve been resisting. Not being in flow!.

I can remember when my nanny wanted to feed me, I would say no.  Then she would be nice for a while. I would resist her by spitting out the food or pushing the plate to the floor. So, my nanny would up her game by forcing the food into my mouth.

These went on for many year. The pinnacle happened one day when I was 8 years old. My mother asked me if I was going to take a shower and I said no. Oh boy the shit hit the fan. All I can hear was yelling and screaming. I felt a few smacks in the head, as I ran into the shower.

I was pissed, so when everyone cooled down I ran outside and jumped and rolled in the dirt. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I’m assuming it was not fun.

It seems like I’m always a no first when a request is made. What is that all about. Does anyone else like to say no?

Are you in Flow?

Resisting, not being in flow, has held me back from living life fully. Over the last 20 years and hundred of hours in transformation and spiritual programs, I have learned to say yes after taking a breath. I realized that it was the fear of losing, that kept triggering a no. This fear started in my birth when it took 23 hours for me to come out. I’m not good enough? Then, being exiled twice from Cuba, at age 6 and 8, added to the fear. Life is not going to flow. Is not going to be easy and fun.

Today, I still feel the fear or resistance in my body when I have to make a choice about Money. Being a Breathplay Coach, I have the tools (breath techniques) to shift my resistance and get back to flow. From flow I have clarity to make empowering choices and support others in doing the same.

I resisted writing my whole life. In this pandemic world, my friend and Coach Dr Gabby, started a 30-Day Brave Soul Stories Challenge. I said yes and have written more blogs than ever. I have released deep emotions and I will be igniting others to be in their Flow through my writing.

Thank you Dr Gabby and all the writing angels for listening to me with Love and Joy. Its making a difference in my life and I’m now Flowing.

Let’s Breathe

Inhale I’m Flowing, exhale I’m Flowing

El Happy Coach
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