Being Lovable

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I Am Lovable?

Since I was 5 years old I loved being with my grandparents from my mother side. They were the definition of being lovable. When my parents celebrated with friends or attended events I got to stay with them.

Also, I learned all about the good, the bad and the ugly of playing sports in Cuba. Cappy, my grandfather, was considered the best athlete and basketball coach in Cuba from 1900-1960. When I was with him I felt safe, free and happy. Everything was possible.

Cappy coached me to be the best I could be in football, basketball and baseball. He was my mentor until he passed in 1985 (he was 85 years old). I was 45 years old and my dream of retiring at that age was broken,

It was the day that my life took a leap backward and I stopped being lovable. I was in total denial for at least 15 years and created losing in all areas of my life. A few big business deals collapsed, I filed bankruptcy. My wife left me.  Allergies and getting sick was common. Acid reflex was constant and almost killed me one day. All the blame went to others and at the guy upstairs.

New Vision

My energy to play the corporate game was not there, My relationship and making money were not working out. Looking back I was not very lovable.

My transformational journey began with the help of my sisters, who guided me to take the Landmark Forum. I created a new vision. I’m Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Free.

My ego loved the Wealthy and Healthy pillars. I partied, ran, played golf, worked hard with many start-ups and played the transformation game well. However, I was unhappy and not manifesting what I really wanted.  Retire and play golf for the rest of my life. However, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel and I was beginning to feel being lovable.

A friend suggested meditation and my spiritual journey began in early 2000’s. I took on mastering Yoga, Tai-Chi, Rebirthing, Plant Medicine and Breathplay. My life took a step forward. I felt more aware and connected. My allergies and acid reflex disappeared. My dream to support a Re-Evolution in consciousness in Cuba became a reality. I started being a Life Coach.

Being Lovable

Today, I feel Happy and Free. My vision is a World that Breathes, Connects, Loves and Plays. I’m surrounded by many loving angels, teachers and students all connected by the Breath.

Love is in the air. I breathe consciously, connected and circular everyday. Life flows and being lovable is fun.

Wow, I just got that Cappy was my Life Coach. He was loved by so many people because he was love. Thanks “abuelo” (picture, my grandfather at my college graduation). I miss and love you.

Inhale I am Lovable, exhale I am Lovable

Yes, I’m Being Lovable.

El Happy Coach
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