Breath Awareness 01

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In Tai Chi, Breath Awareness is a constant when you practice Standing Meditation. You close your eyes and notice the sounds, the wind, the smell, the taste and simply observe your breathing. Allowing the breath to come and go on its own. You don’t have to do anything. Is like the breath is breathing you. You are Being the Breath.

You are just being mindful of all your senses and in particular the breath. You are just being the witness of everything. With time you will start noticing that the more aware you become of the breath the more aware you become of other things in the body and mind. You may become aware of physical tensions, emotions, stock energy, sensations, habits, patterns and the monkey mind.

The Key to Breath Awareness is to just observe, be the witness.  Don’t judge, resist or attach to any of the body and mind stuff. If you get distracted, shift your attention back to breathing and the next breath. The more you practice Breath Awareness you wil start noticing that nothing is happening to you. It is just happening. You will start feeling peaceful and free. You will be feeling your energy (prana, chi, spirit).  Aliveness is present and you will realize that you are always and already free, no matter what you think or feel.