Breathe And Connect With Your Inner Self

Are You Connecting?

Being confined is not normal for human beings. The new normal that we are experiencing has triggered depression, stress, anxiety and anger in many of us. Are you ready for coaching? Breathe and connect with your inner self.

What if, you could practice a few breathing techniques that will allow you to enjoy life in this new normal?

Breathing is something you do automatic and by simply being aware of it and having the ability to consciously shift it when required, you can transform your life or state of being anytime and/or anywhere.

By breathing consciously, you can clear your mindYou can also recover and get through tough and critical moments or situations. Having a daily breathing practice or sequence will give you the edge and keep you flowing in whatever game you are playing in Life (or in this new normal).

There are many breathing techniques, here are a few:
Coherent Breathing
Square Breathing
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Alternative Nose Breathing

Breathing is a conscious meditation practice. The breath is the bridge between the the body and mind,  It will support you to relax both. And, if you let the breath guide you it can take you in a magical journey in the middle of this pandemic environment. Besides, enhancing your immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Here are a few of the benefits that you could experience with Breathwork.

Relax and quiet mind.
More emotional stability.
Enhance quality of sleep.
Relax muscle tension.
Enhance well-being
Attain peak performance
Unlock full potential
Elevate creativity

Can you see or hear how conscious breathing could be useful?

Social distancing and quarantine can be a bit complex and not enjoyable. el HappyBreath is a profound experience that will help you release limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions resulting in shifting your reality in this new normal. The question now, will it be enjoyable? Will you connect to your inner self?

I invite you to take me up on my free 30-minute consult. Shift Your Breath, Shift Your Life.

Let’s Breathe Happy and Healthy

Inhale I’m Happy and Healthy, exhale I’m Happy and Healthy

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