Breathe and Play

Is BreathPlay Right for You?

The answer to the question is a Yes. Welcome to BreathPlay. Breathe and Play your Way to Happiness.

Breathe Happy, Play Happy

You can learn about BreathPlay in many ways. One of them is attending a BreathPlay 60.0 ceremony. Live or in zoom. What follows is a sample breath journey so you can get a taste.

BreathPLay 60.0                 

Today, we are going to take a magical ride with the Breath. How many of you have practiced or done breathwork before? Do you practice everyday? Who practices daily for 60-Min, 30-Min, 15-Min?

You are in for any experience that you want to create. BreathPlay can be used to feel good, to manifest intentions, quiet the mind and/or body, and letting go of stuff. BreathPlay can also be used to hop on a magical carpet ride driven by the breath.This happens when the ego takes a back seat.

So its your choice and your creation. I will be the space for all of you to experience whatever you need today. Breath is the spirit medicine that goes into your DNA. It explores your nervous, cardiovascular, immune, emotional, physical, and neurological pathways. It chooses what you need to heal. The breath will help trigger the pain, emotions, sensations, thoughts that are blocking you from flowing into blissful consciousness.

So, to move through this funnel all you have to do is keep breathing in a circular, connected and conscious way. At the same time relax into any intensity that shows up.

By Feeling Your are Healing

Let the breath be the teacher. Keep breathing and if you get to a space where you see Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, God or Babaji just wave and tell them that you are in a Breath Journey.  They understand.

So let’s get started. Start breathing in your nose and out your mouth. Inhale, open and expand, exhale, relax and let go. Keep relaxing and perhaps keep breathing like this for five to ten minutes. You can shift into inhaling and exhaling through the mouth when you are ready.

For now, breathe slow and full in your belly area. Circular breathing means that there are no pauses after the inhale or exhale.So inhale, exhale relax and let go. The inhale is active and the exhale is passive. Inhale full into your stomach and let go of the exhale letting the belly touch the back of the spine.

There are three main spaces to breathe into. One is the belly, the other two are the heart and shoulder spaces. Now, inhale into your heart, the fourth chakra. The love and healing space. Keep breathing into the heart space for 10-minutes. I will suggest when to shift.

Stay breathing in and out your mouth. Breathing through the mouth supports activating your body channels. Breathing through the nose activates your awareness and spiritual channels. By clearing your body, you are clearing your mind.

Relax into any Intensity

Follow the music. Let the music support you in shifting your breathing pace. There are also three paces to help you move through any intensity. Slow and full, fast and full, or fast and shallow. Perhaps now start breathing fast and full in your belly area. After a while move up to the heart space and then all the way to the shoulders.  Follow the music.

Remember this a conscious, connected circular breath. There is no pause in the exhale or inhale. Notice any sensations, pain, contraction or emotions in your body. Relax the exhale and let go, be the observer. Keep relaxing into the intensity.

Now, lets go for it. Start breathing fast and shallow. Again, start in the belly area and then move it to the heart and shoulder areas. Stay with it. Notice how your feeling and the space that you are in.

Now, remember your intention and start inhaling positive affirmations. I am love, I am peace, I am light. Inhale your own affirmations. Notice how your feeling.

Stay in the flow, keep relaxing and perhaps start breathing slow and full again.  Now, breathe in and out your nose. Slow it down. Keep observing and let go.  Slowly start coming back to a normal breath.

Breathe and Play               

When you are ready, start moving your hands, ankles. Perhaps stretch your body, bring your knees to you chest. Slowly turn over to the right into a fetus position, relax and observe how you are feeling. Integrate your body, mind and spirit.

If you are ready, come to a sitting position and maintain your attention on your heart or third eye. To close the ceremony we will take a deep inhale through the nose. Hold, notice how your feeling. Now relax and let go.

May you always be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Free. Remember, Breathe Happy, Live Happy.

Now, Lets Share and Play…

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