Breathe Fully & Shift Your Business Fully

COVID-19 a Game Changer

The COVID-19 is definitely a Game Changer. All retail businesses that are not essential are closed. How can we shift our business when we don’t have a date when we can open again? Many of us are taking action and some us are shifting to online. Breathe Fully!

How is that working? Have you paid your rent? When are the checks coming from the SBA? Where is the next check coming from? Everyday I get bombarded by on-line webinars on how to create cash in a crashed economy. We have not seen the worst yet. The business to be in is the print company for the Federal Reserve.

Breathe Fully

Oh, I got a simple solution that I have been sharing for a while, but not to many people have grasped the power of it.  Shift your Breath, Shift your Reality. Shift Your Breath, Shift your Business.

The universe is shifting at a rapid rate because it needs to Breathe clean air. We are shifting at a rapid rate because we need to breathe slow and full to get more oxygen into our system. The universe is a reflection of who we are. Cleaning ourselves out.

Inhaling consciously helps us to be more clear and empowered to shift our own reality. So the better we breathe, the better we feel. The better we feel, the better thoughts we have. The better thoughts we have, the better actions we take.  The better actions we take, the better results we manifest.

The Breath can guide us to Success in Life, Business, Love, Sports and Beyond.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale slow and full.
Inhale my business is shifting, Exhale my business is shifting.

Just Breathe

El Happy Coach
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