Cuba's first Breathing Festival

NOV 15-20

OM, Culture & Life and el HappyCoach are excited to invite you to participate in the first Breathing Festival in Havana.

This is a unique opportunity to share your breathwork practices with a global audience and to experience the beauty of Cuba. .

The festival will feature a variety of Breathwork workshops, classes and performances.

 You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced breathwork teachers from around the world, to share your own practices, and to connect with other breathwork enthusiasts.

In addition to the workshops and classes, the festival will also feature a variety of cultural activities, including music, dance, and art. You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Havana, to learn about Cuban culture, and to experience the unique energy of this island nation.

We hope you will join us for this special event. The Happy OM Breathing Festival is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others. We look forward to seeing you in Cuba

This program will provide you with the tools, support and guidance needed to uplift and attain your full potential.

If you are interested in participating as a presenter in the Happy OM Breathing Festival, please DM me @ 1+ 786-556-2494.

We love to see you there!

30-Min Onboarding Call

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