BreathPlants Retreat

jan 9-15

This is a 7-Day retreat from your normal, day-to-day life, grounded in simplicity, elegance and the harmony of the Amazon Jungle.

You will transcend your spiritual power with the support of a Plant Medicine Master and a Breathwork Facilitator.

The Way of BreathPlants

The Way of Plant Medicine – Experiencing powerful healing medicines and bathing in the rain forest with the goal of improving  health and happiness.

The Way 0f Optimum Health – Breathwork, plant medicine ceremonies, body/bone massages, yoga sessions and proper diet are designed to bring harmony back to the body and mind.

The Way of BreathPlay – You will get to experience how simplicity, truth, and love triggers liberation. Get credit for BreathPlay Coaching Training.

Is This Program for You?

This program is for anyone who wants to apply Breath Awareness, Conscious Breathing and Plant Medicines as tools for health, growth and shift in spirit, mind and body.

Every day you will enjoy nutrient rich organic meals prepared by our chef with locally-sourced ingredients.

During the jungle baths, breathplay and plant medicine sessions, you will be encouraged to tap into your inner power. 

What We Offer

The BreathPlants Retreat is available once a quarter, in which you can experience:

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
3 BreathPlay Ceremonies + Training
3 Kambo Ceremonies
Daily Plant Medicine Baths
Option to do rapé, coca leafs, other plants
Experience bone therapy healing
Lectures of ayahuasca and rainforest plants

Tour in the Amazon River


2023 Scheduled Retreats
Jan 9-15.

This Retreat is great for those who are looking for their first ayahuasca experience, as it will give you a deeper understanding of the process. 

For those who are already familiar with ayahuasca, you will enhance your holistic healing practice by adding a plant dieta and other healing techniques, such as BreathPlay. 

This is a perfect choice for groups looking for healing retreats.

Investment: $2065*
Early Bird
$1815   Pay by 11.09.22
$1675   Pay by 10.09.22

Reserve Your Spot with a $500 Deposit 
Total Payment  due 12.09.22
* Does not Include Flights & Stay in Iquitos

Spiritual Healing Team

Percy, from the age of 10, learned his knowledge in Curanderismo from his grandfather and teacher Enrique Garcia Mozombite. He inherited Enrique’s knowledge and tradition. Since the beginning of his journey, Percy has respected, very strictly, the dietas and ethics as a healer.

Percy has direct connection with his spiritual doctors. His code of ethics may be summarized in 3 values:

  • – Respect for the participant.
  • Respect for God, Mother Ayahuasca and Nature.
  • Respect for dietas.
Roberto is a well known happiness facilitator, a Yoga and Tai Chi legend and former star athlete who coaches Super Wo/Men to Breathe their way back to Happiness, Now. 

His BreathPlay training (with original American Breathworkers such as Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and Dan Brule) and 35-year experience coaching/managing clients allows him to create the space for transformation. 

In various senior management roles he implemented strategic plans for several Fortune 500 Companies. Roberto, better known as el Happy Coach, is the creator of BreathPlay Coaching.

Eight Key Benefits

Enhanced Awareness
Back in Integrity
Clear Space
Vision Connection
Optimum Health
Open Heart & Happiness
Transcend Your Consciousness
Free Full Potential 

30-Min Onboarding Call

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