BreathPlay for Warriors

About Course

Are you Ready to Wake Up, Let Go and Take Charge of Your Breath and Life? Get Started and “Just Do It”.

I am committed to sharing with you everything I have ever learned about Breathwork, especially from my Coach Dan Brule. These techniques were created from his vast experience in the Breathwork world over the last 40 years.

If your ego is not sure that it wants to play, preview Breath Awareness, below.

If you are genuinely interested in Breath and Breathing, I think you will find this course to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. The twenty one techniques that you will learn in this course will allow you to be a Breath Warrior in your daily life if you practice them consciously and consistently.

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What Will You Learn?

  • If you are looking to take your BreathPlay (Breathwork) practice to the next level, learn and practice these techniques in your own 21-Day Challenge.
  • 1. Breath Awareness
  • 2. Conscious Breathing
  • 3. Charging the Heart
  • 4. Playing with the Channel
  • 5. Belly Breathing
  • 6. Yawning 101
  • 7. Lengthening the Exhale
  • 8. The Three Breathing Spaces
  • 9. The Full Yogic Breath
  • 10. The Rebirthing Breath
  • 11. Energy Breathing
  • 12. Breath Holding
  • 13. Box Breathing
  • 14. Invigorating Breath
  • 15. Paradoxical Breathing
  • 16. Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • 17. Four Dimension Awareness
  • 18. Energy to Effort Ratio
  • 19. Zen Breathing
  • 20. Spiritual Breathing
  • 21. De-Reflexive Breathing
  • 22. What’s Next

Course Content

Breath Awareness
We need to develop a very conscious relationship to the breath. This means tuning into our breathing. It means observing the breath, witnessing it, looking for subtle details in it

  • Breath Awareness – video, overview, exercise

Conscious Breathing
This is where you transform ordinary breathing into a dynamic creative process. Conscious breathing means bringing a certain intention or quality to the breath. It means breathing in a certain way, or for a specific purpose

Charging the Heat
Today, let's begin the practice of Spiritual Breathing. Notice that the word spirit (in Latin it is spiritus: "the animating principle of life") forms the root of the words respiration, inspiration, expiration. It is the same in many other languages.

Playing with the Channel
"Should I breathe through my mouth or my nose?" "Is there a right way to breathe?" Let´s look at the possibilities that are open to us

Belly Breathing
The diaphragm is the biggest muscle in the body. We have many breathing muscles, and many accesory breathing mucles, but the diaphragm is the primary breathing muscle

Yawning 101

Lengthening the Exhale

The Three Breathing Spaces

The Full Yogic Breath

The Rebirthing Breath

Energy Breathing

Breath Holding

Box Breathing

Invigorating Breath

Paradoxical Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Four Dimension Awareness

Energy to Effort Ratio

Zen Breathing

Spiritual Breathing

De-Reflexive Breathing

What’s Next