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Playing with el HappyBreath (techniques for beginners) you will start getting control of your mind, body, emotions, postures and behavior. You will learn four conscious breathing techniques that will help you gain simplicity in your life. You will also experience how deep, mindful breathing can lead to improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Mastering el HappyBreath will help you unlock the power of breathwork to access deeper states of relaxation and clarity of thought.

  1. Conscious Breathing.
  2. Belly Breathing.
  3. Box Breathing.
  4. Heart Breathing.

Do you want to dig a little deeper into breathing techniques? Check out el HappyBlog article – “breathwork-transformation

I also have el HappyBreath Hour podcast where you can learn more on how the breath can guide you to Success and Happiness Now!

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Breathing is something you do automatic and by simplu being aware of it and having the ability to consciously shift it when requiered, you can transform your life or state of being anytime and/or anywhere.Now is your turn to begin to be the master. You will learn the importance of breathing consciously, so you can clear your mind, recover and get through tough and critical moments or situations.In this course you will learn four breathing practices or sequence that will give you the edge and keep you flowing in whatever game you are playing in life.

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Conscious Breathing
A sigh of relief will consciously energize and relax you.

Belly Breathing
Is a fundamental breath technique for optimum health and peak performance

Box Breathing
It is a mindful practice that stregthens mental focus and power of concentration

Heart Breathing
Breathing on the heart will help you get through difficult times and enlighten your presence with others

Shift your Reality
Shift your limiting beliefs

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