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BreathChurch Virtual Sessions – Weekly

Time: 6:00 pm
Where: Zoom

Facilitator on Fridays: Roberto, el Happy Coach

Free Session – Sign Up – will get Instructions for Zoom

BreathChurch is a non-religious wellness community that meets virtually to connect and experience the expansive power of breath. Created by Sage Radar. Check out what he has to say…

The BreathChurch community: Some tune in to gain access to improved energy and focus, others to reconnect with their nervous system & boost immunity while others join to unpack emotions and heal. We have a rotating cast of expert breath teachers each night. We’ve found that breath in isolation is powerful, but as a collective, our breath is boundless.

Our daily Breath Church tool kit is simple:
breath and sound – but not like you’ll hear it anywhere else

It’s an intense time for many of us and nothing is “normal”. This is a defining moment of change and we are each being asked to pause, look at our lies with new perspectives and honor the inter connected-ness of all life.

There’s a lot to feel right now, especially with so many of our distractions and numbing agents stripped away. Suddenly, we’re being asked to BE with ourselves in a new way.

Each day I ask myself and my body – “How can I best support you today? How do you want to feel?” Then I try to do ONE thing that will help me feel that way. Usually it starts with a few big, deep breaths.

Our breath is our lifeline. It is profoundly connected to our brain and body. However, while, we’ve all been breathing since we were born – do we really know how to breathe? More often than not the answer is yes, but the truth is – probably not. A half a billion breaths later I want to help you see, think & feel the benefits of breathwork. Our breath can influence our mood, memory, our physiology and so much more. Anywhere. Anytime.