Is to inspire you in a group venue to tap into your inner power and produce Breakthrough results in a pivoting world...


You will shift and pivot from anxiety, uncertainty and disconnection to a New Life or Business Reality:


Connected, Aligned and Mission Ready.


Clear and Focused on 90 Day Goals.


Inspired to implement Breakthrough Action Plans.

6 Core Principles: Awareness, Relaxation, Breathing, Vision, Game and Playing.
Key Practices: breathwork techniques & standing meditation, breathplay: method, process and game.

Shift Your Breath,
Shift Your Life!


Players will:

Attain clarity of mind and purpose: “be focused”
Master emotions more productively and intelligently
Attain a higher level of personal fulfillment
Shift their current paradigms with power and ease
Align with individual and organization values 

” I just wanted to be next to Roberto to absorb his positivity and experience his soulful presence."
Peter Murray
Breath Training Instructor
“By breathing, shifting and playing within a group, I now understand what living from my vision feels like.”
Maritza Guimet
Film Director & Producer
“The Vision and Standing Meditation processes uplifted our team's clarity, connection, creativity and power".
Jay Moreno
SVP, Alliant Insurance Services

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