Just Breathe II

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Mastering Breathwork?

Do you know, Mastering Breathwork will provide you with success in Life, Love, Business, Sports and Beyond?  So Just Breathe.

Learn to live fully,
Play with your breath patterns,
Follow the spirit,
Let the breath be the teacher,
Relax on the exhale,
Exhale COVID-19 and inhale GODiT-19,
Inhale I’m healthy, Exhale we are all healthy,
Respira in love to humanity, Respira out love to humanity,
Inhale all the anger, Feel all the anger,
Exhale, relax, and let go of all the anger,
Inhale compassion, Exhale compassion
Inhale light, Exhale light,
Breathe in connection, Breathe out connection
Inhale slow and fully, Exhale slow and fully,
Inhale spirit of love, Exhale spirit of love,
I will overcome, We will overcome,

Everyone is happy, healthy, wealthy and Free,
I am always already Happy & Free…so are you…

Just Breathe

El Happy Coach
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