Is to inspire you to tap into your inner power to overcome limitations and build physical, mental and spiritual strength to produce a Breakthrough result(s) in a transitional world.


You will shift and pivot from anxiety, uncertainty and disconnection to a New Life or Business Reality by:


Being Clear, Calm and Connected.


Breathing and Shifting to a powerful state of being, daily.


Creating and Playing
a 90 Day Game.

6 Core Principles: Awareness, Relaxation, Breathing, Vision, Game and Playing.
Key Practices: breathwork techniques & standing meditation, el HappyBreath: method, process and game.

Breathe Your Spirit
Shift Your Vision
Play Your Game

el Happy Coach Method


You will:

  • Attain clarity of mind & purpose: “be focused”
  • Master emotions, productively and intelligently
  • Attain a higher level of personal fulfillment
  • Shift your current paradigm with power & ease
  • Align with your values & empowering beliefs
  • Master el Happy Breathing Techniques
And lastly, you will have a Self-Healing, Self-Esteem and Higher Consciousness Breath Technique for the rest of your life.


Three month program.
Complete ten 90-120 minutes sessions.
Practice el HappyBreath 60.0 Technique weekly.
Create a 90-day thriving game.
Dismantle 8 Inhibitors to Happiness.
Unlimited chat and text messaging coaching.
Up to Three Optional Weekly 15-Min Coaching Calls.

Access, learn & practice:

 4-Beginners Breathing Techniques
11-Explorers Breathing Techniques
21-Warrior Breathing Techniques.
Standing Meditation Technique

“By shifting my breath, I don't worry anymore about the bad golf shots but just trust my God-given ability.”
Ted Manos

"eHC breathing techniques are powerful healing tools because they treat the mind and the body together."
Gabby Pellici
Holistic Coach & Crypto Yogini

"eHBC helped me to overcome self-imposed barriers, allowing me to create a tractor export business.”
Steve Massey
Owner, Gulfstream Group

30-Min Onboarding Call

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