Breathplay Mastery Training


Breathplay Mastery Training is for everyone who wants to apply Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing as a tool for health, growth and change in spirit, mind and body.

Breathwork (“Breathplay”) is the new Yoga!
It is Modern Meditation. It’s Spiritual Purification.

Breathplay is coming of age! It is being applied by more and more people in the fitness, sports and peak performance world, in medicine and psychotherapy, in martial arts and the military, in the creative arts and in the corporate world.

People who come to Breathplay have a desire and an intention to heal and grow, to improve and develop themselves in some way. Add action to the power of intention, and the results and benefits will be felt!

You see, breathing is an action. It’s a primal action. Breathplay involves focusing on and consciously directing our awareness and our energy. Breathplay gives us a handle on our awareness and on our energy, and so with it, we awaken our natural inherent healing and creative powers.

Breathplay awakens heart intelligence and body intelligence. The practice connects us and aligns us with our source and with our purpose. It fuels our grand desires and helps us to manifest our heart’s deepest intentions.

The physiological effects of conscious breathing techniques are uplifting. And Breathplay allows us to manage our emotional and psychological states. Breathplay opens us to a rich and deep inner world. It helps us to access our unconscious mind, and it connects us to each other, and to the world around us in a direct and powerful way.

When you become more conscious of your breathing, you become more conscious of everything: your body and mind, your thoughts and feelings, and those of others; and it brings to light your unconscious habits and patterns.

When you take control of your breathing, you take control of yourself, your awareness and your energy. With it you can determine your results and your outcomes in life. Breathplay is nothing short of transformational! In fact, it ultimately leads us all to spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual liberation.

Join us at Corpo Yoga Studio, for our First “Breathplay Practitioner Training”.

Freeing your full potential through the
power of Conscious Circular Breathing.



Breathplay Mastery Training is for everyone who wants to apply Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing as a tool for health, growth and change in spirit, mind and body.

The training can be taken simply as an advanced training for one’s own personal development. However, this is also a great certification for high performance individuals, health professionals, yoga instructors, coaches and counselors who want to integrate breathwork into their existing practice.

“When we control our breathing, we control our awareness, our focus and our energy, our life force. Breathing is a behavior. Breath control is self control. Breath awareness is self awareness. When the breath flows fully and freely our natural creative and healing energies flow fully and freely”. Dan Brule

During this powerful training you will be integrating cutting-edge, science-based breathing techniques as well as spiritual exercises. The Certification will meet International standards laid out by One Sky International Rebirthing/Breath Therapy Training and the International Breathworker Training Alliance standards.


  1. Twenty-one (21) Basic/Advanced Breathing Practices
    2. Insights and exercises from 2-schools of breathwork (Dan Brule & Leonard Orr)
    3. Individual, paired, and group work
    4. Mind-body integration processes and emotional clearing
    5. Personal mission, vision, and values clarification
    6. Energy work, spiritual practice, healing with the elements
    7. Coaching, facilitation, leadership skills, relationship & community building


  • Mastery Happy Breathing Technique(s)
  • Release Stress, Emotional & Physical Tension
  • Improve Health & Vitality
  • Release Hidden Barriers
  • Increase Energy & Youthfulness
  • Come Alive and Live Presently
  • Live a Creative, Prosperous & Happy Life
  • Have a Self-Healing Technique for the rest of Your Life
  • Teach Others to Live in Bliss
  • Create Breathwork Community

Four Breathplay (BP) Modules

1 . Breath Mastery Fundamentals

This is a Dan Brule Fundamental Breath Mastery Fundamental Workshop that includes 33 videos (9 Hrs. of Videos) with Downloads for each lesson.

2. Breathplay Manual

This learning module includes books to read, e-books and the following information. This is the Conscious Breathplay Bible.

Module 1 – Introduction to Breathwork – What is Breathwork?
(2 Lessons)

Module 2 – The Science of Breathing – Anatomy of Respiratory System
(7 Lessons)

Module 3 – The Practice of Conscious Breathing – The Cornerstone of Breathwork (4 Lessons)

Module 4 – Conducting a Conscious Connected Breathwork Session – Introduction (7 Lessons)

Module 5 – Thought, Emotions, Beliefs – Working with Emotions
(4 Lessons)

3. Twenty-One, 21-Breathing Techniques

This module includes an overview of 20-Breathing Techniques, (and 1 Review Section) Exercises and Notes for Practitioners.

4. Happy Vision Process

3 Secrets to Being Happy

Roberto will explore with you in the Breathplay Training the 3-Secrets to Being Happy. Integrating the 3-Secrets into your life will allow you to let go of the past and manifest a Happy Reality for yourself in any area of your Life or Business that you are looking to Shift and Heal.

Shift #1

Shift your Limiting Beliefs, shift your Results. Shift your Vision shift your Reality.

Roberto’s Personal and Conscious Breathing Coaching will create the space for you to Master Your Life.

Play #2

Play is where you create and play your new life game. Playing this game in your training is where the Shift occurs and where Happiness is Uplifted. In this process you will relax into the intensity and cause a breakthrough in your life by taking actions that you have never taken.

Meditate #3

Breathplay, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Standing Meditation are all powerful meditation practices that will support you to relax, let go and connect to your Inner Power. Connecting to your Life Force will Uplift your Full Potential, Peak Performance and Well-Being.


Timeline, Fee & Other Information
Program - 8.5 Weeks

Classroom Hours
9 Sundays (6 Hrs./S) Hours 54
8 Wed (3 Hrs./W) 24
8 Thu (3 Hrs./T) 24
Total Hours 102

Non-Coaching Hours
Video Coaching & Downloads Hours 18
Facilitating 5 Breath w/ “Clients” (10/1.5Hr/Sessions/Client) 75
Reading/Studying/Practice Time 55
Hours 148
Total Hours 250

Fees & Other Info.


Location: Corpo Yoga 9030 SW 72 Ct Miami, Fl 33156

Tuition: $2995 full payment by March 1, 2020

Early Bird Savings: $300 full payment $2695 by Feb 15, 2020

Course Material will be provided in Google Folder, by Email and Workbook. 50% Savings in all Happy Breath Events (during training).

Not Included: Daily Meals, Transportation and Additional Reading Materials. You will need to bring your personal Yoga Mat, Floor Cushion, Blankets and Head Pillows

For more Details or to Explore Possibilities Contact Roberto.