el Breath of Happiness Ceremony @thecollective62 – Weekly


Date: 02/19/2020
Time: 6:45 pm
Where: 827 NW 62nd ST, Mia, Fl 33150

Breathwork is a powerful body-mind tool that activates heightened awareness. Through conscious circular connected breathing we tap into the energetic potential of the breath as a transformational healing tool.

The Happy Breath is a technique(s) that encourages the release of both physical and emotional tension, uplifting your health, vitality and awareness.

In this ceremony, Roberto will guide you through sustained, deep breathing for 60 minutes facilitating the access and release of old patterns in a gentle and safe way.

This ceremony was design for individuals who want to experience a breath technique that helps release pain, insomnia, weight loss, attention deficit, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, or want to improve intuition, creativity, mindfulness, self-esteem, leadership … or just simply trying to quiet down and relax.

When: Weekly on Wednesday
Time: 6:45 – 8:15 pm
Price: $25

Bring your family and loved ones. This is going to be a powerful Breathplay event..


Roberto Suarez, el Happy Coach, believes that if you Breathe Well, you Live Well. And, he inspires others to meditate and breathe consciously daily to experience everlasting happiness and well-being.

Bring a yoga mat, extra cushions.