Revealed: The Path to Professional Success for Insurance Agents

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It is universally acknowledged that the insurance profession is not easy. Insurance agents are under tremendous pressure from various quarters. The pressure to sell is immense and this pressure leads to poor performance.

Additionally, as an insurance agent, you have to deal with varied stress factors such as negative company underwriters, overly competitive colleagues, stressful deadlines and spiraling performance expectations. The work pressure often causes insurance agents to carry work home or work on weekends, resulting in little or no quality time with the family. With no time to relax , the pressure continues to build, further pulling down performance. Thus is born a vicious cycle from which there appears to be no escape.

Explore Personal & Breath Mastery Coaching for Insurance Agents

As el Happy Coach, I have interacted with numerous insurance agents and I find that they are grappling with self imposed guilt over unfulfilled performance expectations. I offer specialized personal coaching for insurance agents to help them overcome this guilt and experience professional success and feel happy and powerful. Breath Mastery coaching is the secret to your success.

How Personal & Breath Mastery Coaching Helps You

The gap between your desires and the reality of your results is the cause of the guilt and stress you are experiencing. In personal coaching, as the first step, I’ll help you close this gap by helping you understand what your desires are. We’ll undertake exercises like standing meditation, breathing techniques and meditation to quiet your mind and understand your desires.

Next step of personal coaching focuses on why you are not generating the outcome that you desire. You desire to be the top selling insurance professional in your company, but that is not happening due to certain reasons. In this part of coaching, we’ll look into the reasons why. You’ll work with tools to benchmark yourself in different areas of life, and we’ll work on letting go of all negativities holding you from achieving your dreams.

The next step is to shift your reality to where you want to be and creating a life game to achieve the new result in your life. I’ll help you create specific action plans or game strategies to help you win the game.

Remember, you are the person creating these strategies and you are the person implementing them. I create the space for you to unlock your full potential.  And the success you experience is well deserved and truly yours.

To know more about Peronal & Breath Mastery coaching for insurance agents, call me for your Free 30-Minutes Coaching Session