Stay Home, Be Safe and Breathe Healthy

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Are You Home, Safe and Breathing Healthy?

We are currently facing one of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever experienced in recent years. The COVID-19 has taken us by surprise and unfortunately has already taken the lives of thousands of human beings. Without a doubt, it is a situation that generates a lot of stress and uncertainty. It has forced us to stay at home, be safe and breathe healthy. Yes, it has us face complex economic situations.

Flipping the Switch

Although it is not easy, now more than ever we must maintain a state of serenity. Adapting ourselves to a very different lifestyle from the one we were used to living.  Making the most of a situation that for the moment challenges us to be at home (quarantine), both for our benefit and that of our neighbors. 

Here are some tips that will help make your stay at home a little more enjoyable and fun.

  1. Stay active at home: either by reading, dancing, exercising, playing with your children, or even doing specific jobs around the house.
  2. Take virtual classes: in a way, we are lucky to live in a technological world, where it is possible to learn about any subject through the internet. Now is the best time to sign up for that course that you always wanted to take, but did not have time.
  3. Walk and stand: our body is designed to walk, so go for short walks around your house or in places where you comply with social distancing guidelines.. Avoid sitting for long periods.
  4. Learn to meditate and breathe: it is incredible how meditation and correct breathing can help us maintain a calm mind.  You will relax into any intensity that you are facing or experiencing..
  5. Eat healthy: and of course, a proper diet, so that we can keep our immune system in optimal condition.  it is important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In addition, keep your body hydrated..

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Let’s Breathe Healthy

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