Unlocking Full Potential

What is Full Potential?

In college I took an elective course called, Critical Analysis of American Sports. It triggered my consciousness to ask. what the hell I’m doing playing college football at 5’7” 135 lbs? Was I unlocking my full potential?

In the 1968 (Olympics) the World and Olympic record holder in the long jump, Ralph Boston, had his best jump ever. He set a new world record and thought he would win the competition. However, Bob Beamon, another great athlete took off on one of his jumps and set a new world record by 21 inches (close to 2 feet). No one had ever jumped over 29 feet. It took 30 minutes to get the exact measurement and to confirm the jump.

A new world and Olympic champion attained his full potential. His record took more than 20 years to beat. Bob was now in the spotlight and Ralph kind of disappeared into the universe, i remember celebrating Bob’s victory and feeling bad for Ralph who got a bronze that day.

Perhaps both were champions that particular day, since the USA got Gold and Bronze. Did they unlock their potential?

In college I was named First Team 150 lbs Football,  Eastern College Athletic Conference. I was happy, but did not considered it a big deal because it was not the NCAA Football Conference. Did I unlock my Full Potential?

Unlocking and Fulfilling Full Potential

Looking at Ralph’s jump his best at the time and I say yes that he reached his full potential. My All-American award, yes to full potential.in 1973. It took me many years of processing and releasing limiting beliefs and shifting my consciousness to feel this way.

So how can I support you in unlocking your full potential?  Here’s how I unlock my full potential now and perhaps it can guide you to fulfill yours.

Letting go that I have to win every game.
Keep choosing instead of justifying.
Perfection is the way I am now and how I play now.
Connect to Spirit.
Love myself and others.
Be Peaceful.
Share the Light.
Uplift Humanity.
Hug a tree.
Hug my mother.
Hug Lefty, my mothers dog.
Keep playing the Re-Evolution of Consciousness in Cuba.
Breathe and play my way to success and happiness.
One billion people consciously breathing.
Nothingness is Everything.
A world that breathes Happy.
Just share.
Just write.
Just Breathe.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go
Inhale full potential, Exhale full potential

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