Why You Should Be More Aware of Your Breathing

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Most people are concerned about their physical appearance. They spend hours and hours at the gym or practice some physical/spiritual activity, like yoga, to improve their appearance. However, many don’t give the proper attention to Breath Awareness. It is one of 3 skills to significantly increase performance and optimum health.  In other words, they are not being present or aware that the Breath is Breathing them and they are not breathing fully.

Be More Aware of Your Breathing

Without a doubt, breathing is one of the most fundamental aspects of our lives. You will be pleasantly surprised of all the benefits that the breath brings to both your body and mind – Breathe Correctly, Live Happier. It is vital to be aware and practice the right technique(s) so that you can experience all its benefits.

We should be more aware of our breathing, especially in moments when negative emotions or daily stress consume us. Deep breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes us. It sends a message to the mind that there is no reason to panic or be alarmed.

Is the Breath Breathing You?

Conscious breathing is a habit that will remind us who we are, where we are and that we came into this world to live a fun and happy life.

Thanks to the Happy Breathplay techniques, thousands of people have dramatically transformed their lives. They use the breath as the guide to Peak Performance, Optimum Health and Full Potential. They have mastered how to shift their realities by sometimes letting the breath breathe them and at times taking control and breathing the breath,

Breathing, Awareness, Acceptance, Relaxation and Integration are five principles that reconnect us with our true self and empower us to feel our life force. Therefore, we breathe stress and anxiety into calm ease, productive power and joy.

Are you ready to Shift Your Reality or Experience a Magical Journey?

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