Wild Magical Ride

Are Your Ready to Breakthrough the BreathPlay Funnel?

A Breathplay 60.0 Ceremony can support you in two ways. You can allow the conscious, connected breath guide you to feeling good, release body pain, run faster, leap higher, last longer and perhaps fight the COVID19. Or the 60 Minute breathwork session can take you in a wild magical ride. It’s your choice and intention.

A Magical Ride or Spirit?

Have you ever gone in a wild magical ride? Many have gone is this ride with plant medicines and with different breathing techniques.

I’ve been fortunate to experience both and what follows was my first magical ride in Baja BioSana, in a 21-day Breath Mastery intensive. i trust that you can listen from a space that allows you to get a taste of the experience and perhaps one day you can enjoy this blissful experience.

In our second breath session, we were coached by Dan Brule to relax into any intensity showing up in the body or mind. Also, to continue relaxing the exhale when we were going through the breathplay funnel.

Wild BreathPlay Funnel?

Picture a funnel that is wide in top. It represents your current reality, living in a duality world. At the other end there is a small circular open space representing the unknown, consciousness, bliss, pure life force…Spirit.

The conscious, circular, connected breath journey for sixty minutes supports you to navigate the tornado like funnel, if you allow yourself to be taken in a wild magical ride.

My ride started off slowly as I settled into my body and the breath. Then, the ego started playing with me. My breath became more active and “shit started happening”. Sensations in my body held me back from breathing fully and consciously. Then pain and contractions started showing up and I wanted to stop breathing.

However, I kept breathing and then the mind got going fully. I started seeing colors, past life experiences, sounds, death urge thoughts, fears, relationships stuff, birth traumas, personal lies and much more.

The ego continued playing with me and somehow I kept breathing through whatever was showing up from my subconscious. Then I became more conscious of my breath. I took charge and used different breath patterns to move through stuff. Then more thoughts, emotions, noise, and I wanted to stop again. I held my breath for about two minutes. And when I inhaled again, it was like spirit took over.

I became the observer and the energy started taking me to the end of the funnel. It became stronger as i got closer to the small opening. A wave of energy kept flowing through my body.

I felt blissful and wanted to stay in that space, which I did. After fifteen minutes i started stretching and connecting to my heart. Then, I sat in a lotus position. Mark, who was my breath partner for this session, asked me how I was feeling?  I gave him a thumb’s up, because I was still integrating.

Breaking through the Magical Funnel?

So after a few minutes, I took a deep breath and relaxed my exhale fully feeling that the journey was over. Again, my breath took off like a tornado this time. i had to hold on and experience my most wild magical circular ride. The intensity of the energy kept getting stronger and faster. I was observing being taken through the opening at the end of the funnel. The funnel was upside down and my ego thought I was going to fly away into the universe.

Before getting to the opening all of a sudden I started screaming like a wild animal. Everyone could hear me miles away. Then all of a sudden I broke through the hole and landed in my mother’s womb.

Back to the beginning experiencing peace, love and joy.  A Wild Magical Experience.

I’m so grateful for my life and for my biggest love, supporter and angel, my mother, Miriam, better known as Pitucha. Love you Mom.

So, Let’s Breathe

Inhale slow and full, Exhale relax and let go
Inhale magical life, Exhale magical life

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