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I help Leaders uplift their full potential by integrating the 3 BreathPlay Hacks that allow them to let go of the past and manifest a Happy Reality in Life, Business or Sports.


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When your world is not working

You can Shift Your World by Shifting Your Breath

If you are playing in the Business, Sports, Yoga, Fitness, Psychotherapy, Medicine, Mental Health, Coaching or Spiritual world you are a call away from controlling your outcomes in life by managing your breath.

Breathplay programs



The 3-Month Program will support you in shifting your reality in any aspect of your life.

You will Play a new life game that is worth playing by Mastering your Breath.

“BreathPlay Coaching provided me with the tools to create a Yoga business strategy that is aligned with my deepest feelings of peace and fulfillment.”
Luana Hervier
Master Yogi and Angel
"Roberto helped me to quickly lift myself out of difficult times, and most crucially showed me my potential and the possibilities available in this life."
Alex Strang
Owner, Moment Company



7-Steps breathplay method to elevate clarity and alignment.

Designed for individuals and teams in transition that are looking to re-energize and attain their desired outcomes.

“The conversations and techniques that we experienced helped me scrape off the rust and begin to connect again."
Denis Renuart
Founder Big Little Shrimp Co.

breath mastery


BreathPlay Practitioner/Teacher Training program

For anyone who wants to apply Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing as a tool for health, growth and shift in spirit, mind and body.

“I now see that through quietness, love is possible."
Stacey Maxwell
BreathPlay Coach

30-Min discovery Call

Explore Personal, Group or Breath Mastery training programs that best suit your needs with Me.

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BreathPlay is a breakthrough technology that balances your physical, emotional, psychological and natural state of well-being. Follow your breath and you will live life with less resistance – and success will naturally flow towards you.