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Discovering the breath is one of the most amazing ways to Shift Your Reality to Attain Peak Performance, Optimum Health & Full Potential.

Breathing is something you do automatic and by simply being aware of it and having the ability to consciously shift it when required, you can transform your life or state of being anytime and/or anywhere.

Now is your turn to be the Master. You will learn the importance of breathing consciously, so you can clear your mind, recover and get through tough and critical moments or situations. You will create a daily breathing practice or sequence that will give you the edge and keep you flowing in whatever game you are playing in Life.

If you are playing in the Business, Sports, Yoga, Fitness, Psychotherapy, Medicine, Mental Health, Coaching or Spiritual world you are a call away from controlling your outcomes in life by managing your breath.  

Happy Breathplay is a profound experience that will help you release limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions resulting in living a Life that is worth Living.

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Learn to Breathe and Live Happy


For Everyday

One of the key points of breathplay is to integrate Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing into our daily lives.

For Sports

If you need to control yourself-your mind, body, emotions, postures or behavior-then start by getting control of your breathing.

For Business

Learning to breathe with purpose has proven to be the quickest way to empower individuals and teams to be clear, connected and creative. From flow state magical outcomes happen.

For Spirit

Its one thing to use the breath to generate love, peace and joy. It’s another to be lifted up by the breath itself and taken on a magical journey.

Breathing for Headache

Breathing for Headache

Breathe gently into center of the pain, using your breath to move all your attention into the pain. Then exhale softly and deeply, relaxing the muscles or the area around the pain and tension. Look for details, shapes, borders, texture or temperature. This is all...

Breathe Happy, Play Golf Happy

Breathe Happy, Play Golf Happy

Like all other avid golfers and touring pros, you may also have set your golfing goals for 2020. But merely setting goals is not enough and you know that. Don’t you sometimes wish that you had some sort of a miracle maker that would help you achieve your goals and...