Join Dan Brulé and Om Meditacion USA
in Cuba for a cross cultural experience of Fun, Love, Oneness, and Well Being.

       April 3-10, 2018              


A world-renowned pioneer in Breathwork, Dan Brulé trains the people worldwide to use the power of breath to relax their body, expand their mind, balance their emotions, and uplift their soul.

4.3 & 4.10

Fly to Cuba and attend Cannon Ceremony after Havana City Tour.  

Shopping at Private Own Stores and. return trip to Ft Lauradale. 


Friday - Saturday
 4.6 & 4.7

8th OM Meditacion Annual Conference.

Two full days of Nutritional, Arts and Spritual Talks & Workshops by Cuban & Foreign Masters.

Dan Brule & Roberto Suarez will be Speakers & Facilitators of two Group Breathing Sessions. 

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Trip to Jibacoa a Beach Community to  practice Circular Breathing in the Caribbean Sea with Dan & Roberto.

Pre-Event Breathing Seminar.

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Closing Ceremonies.

Dinner at Habana's Blues Restaurant with Live Music and Performance.

This trip is designed for any level Yoga & Breath practitioner.  Safe, secure and compliant with all US Laws.




Breathing and Yoga led by OM Meditacion Yoga Teachers at the Pure Mind-Body Center in La Havana.

Inaugural Gala of the 8th Encuentro.



 Yoga, Breathing and Meditation at the Terrazas Mountain and River Resort.

Theatre and Farewell Party with Live Cuban Music.

5-Full Days of Americans & Cubans Integrating Love, Peace & Light.


Together with Om Meditacion Cuba, we have created a social and educational platform that allow Cubans and all global participants a unique opportunity to experience all forms of meditation, wellness practices and lifestyle approaches that can assist them in achieving a deeper sense of inner and social peace.

Cuba is like no place you’ve ever visited. Is a country of contrast: highly educated, economically poor, culturally rich, architecturally magnificent, frustrating, uplifting and fun. Cuba’s natural beauty is still pristine and unspoiled and the warmth, creativity, playfulness and generosity of the people are unparalleled in the world today.

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Experience Intimate Cuba/USA Spiritual Aliveness!


You will experience a heightened sense of awareness of issues that impact the Environment and Ecosystem as well as the impact of the individuals on these issues. These cultural events result in self-fulfillment and harmonious coexistence of all participants.

You will get to personally meet Cuban musicians and artists who are involved in the Spiritual movement in Cuba, enjoy dining at Cuba’s best restaurants and visit night life venues for fun evenings of music, dancing and entertainment.


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Elevate Consciousness and Spiritual Evolution!


You will participate in breathwork, meditation and yoga sessions utilizing life changing techniques, while engaging with yogis and non-yogis for
health, healing, music, and fun.

Our instructors come from Cuba and the USA and are all passionate about assisting the Spiritual movement in Cuba to find its own unique path that respects
and honors the distinct culture of Cuba.

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     Rejuvenate and Heal from Within!


Wellness starts from the inside out. All events feature prominent wellness experts who bring with them a wealth of information and knowledge.

Our experts include renown Cuban Neuroscientists and Nutritionists who share the latest research and development on how meditation and nutrition effect
our body, mind and spirit.  

Translators will be provided for English speaking participants.