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Creating a World that Breathes

I am a well known happiness facilitator, a Yoga and Tai Chi teacher and former star athlete. I coach Breath Players to Breathe and Win Happy.
My BreathPlay training (with original American Breathworkers such as Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and Dan Brule) and 35-year experience coaching/managing clients allows me to work with you on a close and personal basis.
el Happy Coach, creator of BreathPlay Coaching  

SHIFT Your Breath, Be Your Happy Self

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I will create the space for you to Shift your Reality by connecting to Your Inner Power, through any of my programs or techniques. As I have done with a professional basketball player who played for the 2020 NBA Champions, the lovely wife of a very successful Florida Governor, and with one of the top Luxury Real Estate Agents in the USA.

In the 90’s I became aware that to be happy and free I had to give up being right, justifying and being in control. This opened up the possibility of returning to my homeland Cuba, in 2002, after 42 years of living in the USA.

In 2016, I established el Happy Coach Foundation (“EHCF”) a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to deliver Happiness to all Cubans generating peace and prosperity for future generations through the joy of conscious circular breathing and entrepreneurship.
Over the last 5-years I have introduced BreathPlay to more than 5,000 Cubans through OM Meditacion Cuba, a community of spiritual practitioners who welcomed the integration of the USA and Cuba in One Spirit, One Yoga, One Breath.


In various senior management roles over 35-years, I implemented strategic plans for Mobile and Newspaper Distribution companies in the US and Latin America.


Besides being a Life & Business Coach, I was founder of Mind to Heart Institute.  President, International Coach Federation, Miami Area Chapter. Chairman, National Executive Service Corp, Miami Affiliate and led Being Champion programs.  And, I was an effective Coach & Leader at Landmark Worldwide, one of the top personal development educational companies.

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